About Anna Granberg

Anna Granberg
Photo: Björn Mattisson-Richter

Anna Granberg is a Swedish author who writes fantasy and romance. Her debut novel Daughter of the Sun, a fantasy romance, was published in February by the Swedish publishing house Seraf förlag.

A woman with secret abilities.
A man with a mission.
One of them has to die.

The novel is the first stand-alone book in a series called Blood of the Gods.

Daughter of the Sun. An enchanting fantasy romance about light’s power over darkness.

Anna is also the author of seven award-winning short stories.

She has a degree in Journalism from Södertörn University, and has also attended several creative writing courses, among which a two year post-secondary education program in creative writing at Skrivarakademin (The Writer’s Academy) in Stockholm. She has worked in communications in a Swedish municipality and at the Government Offices of Sweden for many years, but is now a full-time author.

Anna was born in 1980 and lives in Stockholm, Sweden, with her family.

For more information and details about the book, please contact Anna.



– Daughter of the Sun (Blood of the Gods #1), fantasy romance (Seraf förlag, 2021)

Short stories:

– Debt to Darkness, horror (Nohiding förlag, 2021)
– The Hunt for the Inventor’s Secret, steampunk romance (Everlasting Publisher, 2021)
– And the City was on Fire, dystopian romance (Seraf förlag, 2020)
– The Keepers (Ministry of Shadows #2), urban fantasy (Fåglar förlag, 2020)
– Sweet Music in the Night, contemporary romance (Joelsgården förlag, 2019)
– The Elf Rebellion (Ministry of Shadows #1), urban fantasy (Nohiding förlag, 2019)
– The Puppeteer, horror (Magic Frigren Press, 2019)


– Fours poems (Vulkan, 2014)