About Anna Granberg

Anna Granberg
Photo: Björn Mattisson-Richter

Anna Granberg is a Swedish author of fantasy and romance. Her debut novel Daughter of the Sun, a fantasy romance, was published in February 2021 and was well received by readers. The anticipated sequel, Son of the Moon, was published in September 2022. The novels are the first two installments of the fantasy book series Blood of the Gods. The book series is published by the Swedish publishing house Seraf förlag.

Anna’s third novel, Snowed In, her first contemporary romance, will be released in time for Christmas 2023.

Anna is also the author of seven award-winning short stories, and writes short stories for weekly press. She leads online courses on writing fantasy at an adult educational association.

Anna has a degree in Journalism from Södertörn University, and has also attended several creative writing courses, among which a two year post-secondary education program in creative writing at Skrivarakademin (The Writer’s Academy) in Stockholm. She has worked in communications in a Swedish municipality and at the Government Offices of Sweden for many years, but is now a full-time author.

Anna was born in 1980 and lives in Stockholm, Sweden, with her family.

For more information and details about the books and foreign rights, please contact Anna.

Daughter of the Sun (audiobook cover).
Daughter of the Sun. An enchanting fantasy romance about light’s power over darkness.
Son of the Moon. The anticipated sequel to Daughter of the Sun, and a thrilling fantasy about how our differences make us special.



– Snowed In, contemporary romance (Seraf förlag, coming 2023)
– Son of the Moon (Blood of the Gods #2), fantasy romance (Seraf förlag, 2022)
– Daughter of the Sun (Blood of the Gods #1), fantasy romance (Seraf förlag, 2021)

Short stories:

Tree of Life, contemporary romance (in the magazine Året Runt, 2022 Apr. 28)
 Debt to Darkness, horror (Nohiding förlag, 2021)
– The Hunt for the Inventor’s Secret, steampunk romance (Everlasting Publisher, 2021)
– And the City was on Fire, dystopian romance (Seraf förlag, 2020)
– The Keepers (Ministry of Shadows #2), urban fantasy (Fåglar förlag, 2020)
– Sweet Music in the Night, contemporary romance (Joelsgården förlag, 2019; also published as Sweet Music in the Darkness in the magazine Året Runt, 2022 Jan. 4)
– The Elf Rebellion (Ministry of Shadows #1), urban fantasy (Nohiding förlag, 2019)
– The Puppeteer, horror (Magic Frigren Press, 2019)


– Fours poems (Vulkan, 2014)